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"Limitless success does not mean that we are not grateful for our accomplishments; we practice gratitude."

Ibrahim Mango, MSc


If you struggle with feelings of worthlessness or lack of self-confidence,

we need to talk!

July 2017, Liza B, United Kingdom

"Ibrahim is a very supportive and knowledgeable coach. He is warm and easy to talk to. I can't recommend him strongly enough. He is a great listener and he understands his clients' needs. He's really helped me to overcome my depression brought on by several stressful life events. Our sessions were very well-structured and useful for me. I am grateful to Ibrahim for helping me cope with an emotionally tough period of my life and for providing me with very useful life skills and coping mechanisms for a much happier and more fulfilled life."


June 2018, L. Johnson

Ibrahim is a skilled, compassionate coach. He created a warm nonjudgmental atmosphere for me to explore my thoughts and feelings comfortably and safely. His ability to listen emphatically and understand me helped me look at my life holistically and priorities different aspects of my life (my kids, my studies, and marriage). With Ibrahim’s support, I was able to create a simple plan that gave me the confidence to take action and lead a fulfilled, balanced life. Thank you Ibrahim!

August 2018, Mira K, United Arab Emirates

Through asking questions Ibrahim made me reflect and become more self-aware, which helped me see things in a clearer perspective. This made it much easier to face what I feared (I prefer not to specify what the fear was).  I was in an atmosphere where I felt comfortable and not judged, which made it easy to share. I also see sought coaching to help me manage my time. Before coaching I felt I had so many things to do, which were all urgent, which was stressful and confusing at times. Coaching with Ibrahim helped me prioritize by clarifying my values, and by finding out what would make most impact on my long-term goals. I definitely felt that my needs for seeking a coach were met. I felt the sessions left me refreshed, relieved and more in control of my life. If I require a coach again in the future, I will definitely approach Ibrahim, and would recommend Ibrahim as a coach to anyone requiring a really good and impactful coaching experience. A big thank you to Ibrahim!

May 2021, Johnathan C.

I came to Ibrahim Mango with a very specific set of thoughts I wanted to work on- I wanted to stop comparing my personality to that of my friends. It made me anxious constantly and kept me from enjoying their company. At some points, I even felt like I had to quit the friend group because I didn't feel 'good enough' to be around them. Ibrahim worked with me for several weeks to help me create more rational, logical, and balanced thoughts to replace the anxious ones. We talked through the logic of why I was feeling the way I did and how to overcome it using what I actually see and experience, versus what panic makes me incorrectly assume things.


I had a major breakthrough after one of our sessions where the talking points had made a lot of sense. I employed the exact strategy we had talked about, and it worked very well for me. I could feel the anxiety building, so I thought about the advice from the appointments and through some deep breathing and using the strategy discussed, I was able to make the anxiety slowly subside.


Once I knew that I could beat that particular anxiety once, I hardly ever felt it again, now years later. It turned out that some of what I was feeling was just anxiety about anxiety. Breaking the negative thought circle that I had suffered with for years had finally happened.

If you are a very logical thinker like me, you will almost certainly benefit from a similar strategy. It certainly was a great help to me!




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