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"Limitless does not mean without boundaries; establishing

clear boundaries are essential for our growth."

Ibrahim Mango, MSc


Hi, I am Ibrahim Mango, The Limitless Coach, and I specialize in supporting people like you to embrace your uniqueness, believe in your worth, and increase your self-confidence.


The story of self-coach to Limitless Coach

For many years I was depressed, felt worthless and suffered from low self-confidence. I used to think that my value as a human being depended on how popular I was. I was driving myself too hard at work; not knowing how to relax. I wanted to be perfect, and found it difficult to make decisions and set goals because I feared I would make the wrong decision. So I ended up stuck most of the time.

But something inside me insisted that life can be better for me!

And by changing my self-limiting beliefs and my behaviors I gradually became more independent, optimistic and fulfilled. I got so inspired, I went to university to get a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and did various courses in Positive Psychology and Life Coaching so that I can assist others - like you - to become more confident, enthusiastic, and happier, and made a successful career out of this! Now I have many grateful clients from all parts of the world.

I used the same strategies and techniques that we'll practice together to make life changing shifts.

Using these strategies, I know now that I don’t need the approval or the love of others, and I don’t need to be successful to feel worthy and valuable. It became easier to love myself and feel more relaxed. I became more confident and successful. My life is meaningful with direction and goals. These strategies worked with hundreds of my clients…

They will work for you!




Go ahead and book a FREE 30 minute consultation session with me,

I look forward to talking to you!

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